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Jasmine Absolute


Product Name :Jasminum Auriculatum

Extraction Method:Solvent Extracted

Origin: India

Colour:Deep Brown with a Golden Tinge


Jasmine auriculatum absolute has a beautiful, rich, floral aroma that is irresistible. Jasmine absolute is used to treat depression, insomnia, nervous tension and infertility. Its aroma is soothing and calming and can bring about a restful state to those who are suffering from emotional trauma. Jasmine absolute is said to act as an aphrodisiac. Dilute the absolute in jojoba and use the diluted blend to fragrance your most special and most sensual formulations. Sold by weight.

Jasmine Absolute is a dark orange- brown liquid, with an intensely rich warm floral scent. Jasmine absolute Blends well with rose, sandal wood, clary sage and all citrus oils. Jasmine absolute has the ability to round off rough notes and blends almost with everything.